My name is:


My Bio

I'm 44 years old. I grew up in Northern Jutland, mainly in Aalborg. I now reside in Copenhagen, Denmark. After graduating from Støvring Gymnasium, I joined the Royal Life Guards to serve my national term. Before proceeding with my education, I was stationed at Mitrovica, Kosovo for a period of 6 months.

Returning home I started studying Computer Science and Mathematics at Aalborg University. After 3 years I took a break from the books and rejoined the army to be stationed in Iraq for half a year. Shortly after I finished my Masters in 2007 I moved to Copenhagen, where I'm currently living in the part of the city called Frederiksberg.


2019: Senior Developer at Compusystem
2016: Senior Developer at AnalyticTrust
2015: Systems Developer at 4D Systems
2008: Master Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics
2007: Developer at Compusystem
2005: Stationed in Iraq
2004: Bachelor of Computer Science degree
2001: Begins studying Computer Science at Aalborg University
2001: Stationed in Kosovo
2000: Completes service and joins the Danish International Brigade
1999: Start my term of national service at the Royal Danish Life Guards (Livgarden)
1999: Completes education at Støvring Gymnasium
1996: Completes education at the public school of Bavnebakken, Støvring
1980: Born the 12th of January

My Work

I have worked as a .NET Developer, since completing my education. First for Compusystem, where I acquired skills such as software development, database design, windows- & rich internet application development. Using tools and technologies such as C#, .NET, WPF, WCF, Linq, XAML, SQL, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. More about this can be found on my LinkedIn Profile.

I keep my knowledge up-to-date by reading lots of articles, blogs and wikis on Math, CS, and programming.

In 2015 I was at 4D Systems for a short while, before opting in 2016 for AnalyticTrust. In 2019 I rejoined Compusystem, where I'm currently employed.

My Samples

Here you can find small, private projects that I made.


My Sudoku Solver gives you the solution to any solvable sudoku in less than a second.

At BlazeMaze you play a maze game against the computer.

My Photo Location Viewer gives you the location a photo was taken, if this data is available.

Afgang.nu gives you the current estimated arrival and departure times for public transportion at your location in Denmark.


My news reader StartSyte gives you an overview of multiple RSS feeds in one page. When finished any user will be able to register an account and create a personalized news page.